May I introduce, Paul Hunter.

Early 30's.

Aspiring lawyer.

Popular among friends and colleagues. Paul used to work in one of the best known law firms in town, in an open plan office surrounded by dozens of other lawyers and paralegals, he had to deal with all kind of new cases on a daily basis.

In his spare time, Paul always tried to stay creative and full of imaginative ideas to dissociate himself from this bureaucratic world. His colleagues described him as always polite, decent and fashionably dressed, this was because Paul always tried to refine his suit dominated banking world with some finesse.

Paul had a black notebook, which he always carried with him. From notes and sketches about colour and clothing, to calculations of possible costs. In fact anything that came into Paul's mind was written down in this notebook. On Paul's 30th birthday, the time had come. For such a long time he had one thought constantly running through his head, and on this very day he finally made a decision to resign from his job.

This was just the beginning of a long journey. Paul visited big cities like New York, where he went for walks through the parks or shopping malls to observe the people and to enjoy the different vibes. Every impression he got was directly converted to a note into his notebook.

Paul met a lot of people on his journey, he got to know many different fashion styles, discovered new cultures, different forms of art and self-expression. Paul visited wholesale markets in various regions of the world and literally inhaled the variety of fabrics, colours and materials that those places had to offer.

His journey took 2 years. Subsequently everything went relatively fast. Paul converted his notes into detailed designs drafts, new acquaintances became business partners, his own sketches emerged into an entire collection.

All of this originated from a single idea and the creativity of a former lawyer.

May I introduce?